About our Company
Our company is located in the Tupungato Valley, Mendoza, Argentina, and it is dedicated to grape production and sales for wine making and also high quality bulk wine for exports.

Our clients are other wineries and distributors from Argentina and other countries.
  Objectives and Approaches
Our objective is to provide superior quality wines to the demanding market, with top raw materials, through the use of a production system based on the principle of “Agreed Quality” to assure the aptitude of grapes and wines and the continuity in the supply of grapes to our clients. Our main strategy is the emphasis on product and service quality.

Quality Concept
- In the practical sense of the concept, the best quality wine is the one that is best paid in its market, within its category and through the passing of time. Therefore, from this point of view, the concept of quality is related to and intimately depends on the demands of the market where its quality is being evaluated.

- The wine markets, besides having a particular identity in each country, are frequently guided by famous critics or specialized magazines that impose themselves in one way or the other and follow certain tendencies. This reality is valid for every variety and for every style of wine. Therefore, the permanent monitoring of tendencies and the market preferences are our main strategies in order to make it with the adequate products, thus, producing the raw material for the obtainment of these products.

- For each style of wine we must produce grapes that contain the potential to reach the market standards. A superior quality grape is the one that allows us to manufacture an appropriate wine to be sold in high priced segments of any world market, with the possibility of success in the presence of other competitors.

- Today, Argentina is positioned worldwide based on malbec standards, our emblematic variety. The great Argentine malbecs are searched for their great structure, regarding color, volume in mouth and persistence, but are renowned for their roundness, balance and varietal character, produced with a complex but elegant style. Many of these characteristics are necessarily acquired in the land and are perfected in the winery.

Sales Agreements
Through the implementation of sale agreements with “Agreed Quality”, we coordinate with our clients all yearly tasks in the vineyards, tasks that are planned, organized and budgeted in the months of April and May and later informed by our administration, and monitored the rest of the year by the designated technicians.

This is used to coordinate the pruning types and systems to be used, the bud levels left per hectare, type of vine ties, the disbudding, the foliage control and the irrigation levels during each moment of the vegetative cycle.

Our clients, when they make their programmed visits, supervise the correct fulfilment of production. In the case of wine elaboration and product development agreements, the agreement method is focussed on the type of final product to be obtained in order to program the way each grape plot is handled.
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Andrés Beutin and Alfred Auer.
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