Our sales service is focussed on selling the following varieties, to specialized customers:

Red Grapes
Malbec: This variety covers the main surface of our vineyards. It is, without a doubt, the variety that is most demanded and, if well handled, offers the possibility of producing the most structured wines. We have different types of malbec varieties (clones) that provide variability in the wine ethyls.

Cabernet Sauvignon: This is our second variety, also greatly demanded, providing character, elegance and longevity to our blends. This variety is produced for elaborating mostly varietal wines; nevertheless, with merlot it forms an internationally demanded blend, especially for the United Kingdom market.

The cabernet vineyards are taken through different productive levels, depending on the sales agreements of the grapes or wine. Furthermore, they are distributed in different sectors of the soil, obtaining variability in the final grape, finding sectors with the highest fruit concentration, sectors with the highest vigour and sectors with the highest ripeness.

Merlot: This variety expresses its personality the best in Tupungato and provides wines with a good concentration and color. It is the principal basis for obtaining round wines, with marked primary aromas, without complications and easy to drink for most consumers.

Tempranillo: Another variety found in Tupungato and the Uco Valley, the best place in Argentina for its production. The Tupungato tempranillos are highly concentrated, of great structure and color. We have plots for obtaining grapes elaborated for varietals and plots destined for blend wines. This variety works well for blends with merlot and malbec.

White Grapes
Sauvignon Blanc: Greatly demanded variety in the highest growing worldwide markets. Tupungato is an excellent area for sauvignon blanc varieties with a great quality potential due to its altitude and climate. The wines obtained from these grapes offer a deep varietal character, with strong and expressive aromas, a very balanced acidity, a lingering finish and balance.

Semillón: This variety is showing an interesting demand due to its plasticity. It is elaborated as a base for champagnes or for obtaining still wines. In the world markets we are observing an interesting growth of the Semillon varietal wines.

  Serrera Vineyards Wines
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